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Curlew and Traffic Cones, Dolydd Hafren

High winds shook the stilted hide at Dolydd Hafren and howled eerily through the corrugated roof. Struggling with a shaky telescope I sketched curlew bracing themselves against the onslaught and scanned the Canada geese for a pair of white fronted that had been sighted yesterday. The flood water was up too but towards dusk dropped rapidly leading me to scrap several compositions. In a last attempt to save the day, I focused on a near group of curlew scouring the freshly soaked ground and the flotsam of dark twigs which they merged into in the failing light. A few tyres and traffic cones washed up offer ample composition possibilities; devices to draw the eye towards or even better, away from the camouflaged birds (ref:JB) - something to return to.
Chris Wallbank